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Actual models of wedding dresses 

Wedding celebration is the special event in each woman’s life. On this day all brides want to feel themselves the most stylish and the most elegant in the world. Wedding salons have to offer to each woman a great choice of high-quality wedding dresses and great design of this clothes, which will allow each girl to create really charming wedding image. Our task is to produce an ideal wedding dress, which will be suitable for bride according its attractive price.

Wedding dresses  by designers of Supernova Fashion Group

Our factory offers not only skinny and fluffy wholesale wedding dresses. We offer to your attention various wedding dresses, which will satisfy many different tastes of fashion. At the moment on our official website you will be able to find new wedding dresses. New models contain the latest trends of future season:

  • Lace. This kind of material will add you some charm, refinement and attractiveness. You will be able to emphasize your fit figure with using of this material.  

  • Sleeves. Wholesale wedding dresses with transparent sleeves or insets will add to your wedding image more tenderness and beauty.

  • Colors. Why do fluffy wedding dress can be white only? The newest trends of wedding fashion of future season allow add to wedding image other kinds of pastel tints. For example, blue colors and beige.

  • Decorations. You shouldn’t choose classical kinds of wedding dresses, when you can get a big number of interesting variants. We are ready offering you different models with different kinds of decorations, which are produced for making of combination with different cuts of bridal dresses.

  • Fashion trends. Designers have already used different wedding belts, which can emphasize bridal waist with combination of different kinds of wedding skirts.

Collection of wholesale wedding dresses is very charming, different and really stylish. It means that there are many different stylish wedding dresses, which will be suitable according to many tastes of fashion and different kinds of figures. We are ready to make long-term cooperation and therefore we are ready to offer to our partners not only wedding dresses, but different kinds of accessories too. Wedding veils, which were created especially for using with wedding dresses of our brand, will allow you to create harmonious bridal image.