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Wedding dresses

Welcome to the Supernova Fashion Group website. Here you will find wedding dresses of premium class for your salon, that meet the highest criteria of quality and beauty.

The new brand was created by professionals, who have already reached a great success on wedding markets and still develop their business. At this moment we are ready to introduce to our clients a new premium brand for the most exclusive wedding salons and for the most demanding brides. Thanks to longstanding experience, we really know what kind of characteristics have to be included to a modern wedding dress. It will help to wedding dresses to be chosen for selling in good wedding salons and after that they will be bought by many brides, who will be really satisfied.

Special ways of wedding dresses manufacturing

Our designers understand that wedding dresses de luxe have to be really perfect. Therefore, they follow to a valuable experience in this field of foreign colleagues and try to be on a step in front of them. We are trying to help to our designers to make the most special and unusual ideas in come true in real life. We buy rare and valuable materials and decorations, which are used for exclusive wedding dresses creating. Experienced tailors and decorators with using of modern equipment have an opportunity to realize designers’ ideas with consideration of all European high-quality standards. This kind of well co-ordinated work is a good ground of our company’s great success, which we reach from year to year.

Only real masterpieces can be sold out in your wedding salon and give to your buyers a real happiness in a day of wedding. What can be more pleasant and joyful for each bride instead of buying an ideal wedding dress in a period of wedding eve? A satisfied woman will be able to marry with her man in a wedding dress of her dream. This moment will be remembered by each bride for a long time. What will be soon with all of our premium wedding dresses? We don’t know an answer for this question, but we know that it will bring much joy to each bride. Such things will save a story of real happiness in brides’ wardrobes. 

Dear wedding salons owners! It is your real task to bring happiness for many of future brides, who will come to your store. In a process of co-operation we will be able to develop our general business successfully and reach new aims. It is very good, when your work brings you not only many profits, but much satisfaction in life too.