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Evening wholesale dresses for graduation parties

Supernova Fashion Group Company works for increasing of variety of our production. We produce and sell not only different kinds of wedding dresses, but also different models of evening dresses and dresses for graduation parties too.

In production process we don’t used to follow of some rules of style and fashion. Imagination of our designers and great inspiration of process engineers have straight influence to the final result of our production. Therefore, on our official website you will be able to find various evening dresses and dresses for graduation parties, which will satisfy girls with each taste of fashion according to color and model. Mission of our company is to give support to each woman and to find for her an ideal and special image.

What kind of evening dresses and dresses for graduation ball are fashionable now?

For creating of our new evening dresses collection we created the best trends of the new season. After combining new trends with our creative and unique ideas, we received unusual stylish models, which will become favorites for modern girls. Here are the general accents of new collection of 2018: 

  • Transparent inserts with patterns and without them will make your image tenderer and lighter.

  • Bright colors will add some expression and attract someone’s attention.

  • Skinny models will emphasize your figure in the best way.

  • Maxi length of dress will transform your image well and make you special.

  • Unusual decollate will decorate your dress and make you really unique.   

  • Dress train of different length will give to your image some style and luxury.

  • Flowery décor will decorate your dress in the best way of modern style.

  • Bright embroidery will add special style and chic

  • Interesting kind of belts will put accents on your waist.

  • Dresses with short and middle length will be able to show beautiful feet.

  • Removable skirts allow use two different images at the same time.

  • Unusual materials make your image special and inimitable.

Designers of Supernova Fashion Group offer evening wholesale dresses and dresses for graduation parties of premium class. Premium class contains in it high quality of materials, expensive decorations, exclusive textile fabrics and original cuts of dresses.

This collection deserves your attention. For buying wholesale evening and graduation dresses or for getting detailed information about the newest collection by our company, please contact with our managers. We will be glad to give answers for all of your questions and we'll help you to make the right choice!


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