Wedding Dresses


A day of wedding is one of the most important days for each woman in her life. Therefore, many girls imagine wedding ceremony from childhood.  When a date of wedding becomes known, many women feel emotions of confusion about choosing of the best kind of a wedding dress, which will emphasize the natural beauty.

Supernova designers deeply understand that a wedding dress is the most special element of each wedding celebration, because all guests will wait a bride in a exclusive bridal dress, which has to make her as a real princess. This magic image has to be left for a long time in a memory of all people, who will come to visit a wedding celebration. Because of that we offer to everyone unique wedding dresses in bulk for each wedding salon, who has a desire to make wholesale orders. Your sales managers will be able to satisfy needs of the most exacting clients.

Unique bridal dresses for fascinating bridal image creating

In our e-shop you will be able to make wholesale buying of wedding dresses that were presented with a great variety of dresses’ cuts and fabrics, which were used for production. All wedding dresses conform to all current trends of fashion and quality standards. A lineup of wedding dresses satisfies with its originality and variety of different fashionable trends. Each client will be able to find classical fluffy bridal dresses, universal style called “Princess”, seductive skinny bridal dresses, a style of “Mermaid”, straight cuts and many other ones.

In our production we use high-quality wedding fabrics, tender lace and import kinds of textile furniture. These elements will help you to offer to your clients fashionable, high-quality, and exclusive wedding dresses.

When you will open our catalogue, you will be able to offer wedding dresses in bulk by manufacturer, which conform to all of the latest trends of wedding fashion:

  • Usage of some lacy elements in each dress, such as mittens, lacy back of dress and lacy insets on skirts;
  • “V-formed” low neck, which you can see on many models of our collections;
  • Belts, which attract attention to a beautiful bridal waists;
  • Bridal dress train, which makes a view of each bride really royal and magnificent.

Snowy white color does not suitable for each lady. Therefore, we recommend paying your attention to bridal dresses of different pastel tints, which don’t look less in a stately manner, but in some cases they can emphasize well a real beauty of many brides, which will choose such color for their style.

If someone wants to know, where it is possible to make wholesale buying of wedding dresses, please visit our e-shop, where you will be able to find a good answer for this question. We offer elite models that will suit to every girl.