The Sea Dreams collection - a new creation by Supernova Fashion Group

We are glad to present you a collection of wedding dresses and veils Sea Dreams 2018. It was created on the verge of fashion and art, beauty and style, modesty and luxury.


The beautiful outfits are ready to conquer the buyers of your salon!

What are the features of the new collection?

  • Fitted Fish and Mermaid silhouettes
  • Airy like a sea foam, lush models
  • Volumetric, like raging waves, pleated skirts
  • Smooth, like the morning calm, straight outfits
  • Graceful, like seashells on a beach, decorations
  • Lightweight, like a sea breeze, veils

Trust our designers and order a veil and a dress that are created for each other or assemble the kit to your own taste!


Sea Dreams 2018 by Supernova is a real dream!