Wedding Veils for the Luxurious Image Creation

When it comes to classical wedding image, we imagine a bride in a long white dress with a magnificent bridal veil. But, as anything, fashion evolves.

Today, there is a huge variety of dresses for brides and the choice of veils is wide as well. Therefore, it is so difficult for brides to combine wedding items without the help of professionals. 

Every new season, Supernova Fashion Group designers choose the sum of new and beautiful styles of dresses to present them to their buyers. Similarly, we chose the most suitable and trendy types of veils that would perfectly suit modern dresses.

Popular Wedding Veils 2018

  • Long one-layer veil. Modest and, at the same time, luxurious option is a veil down to the floor. It is the best way to adorn a long dress and adjust the bride’s silhouette.
  • Medium two-layered veil. This is classics of wedding veils – a model with two layers of different lengths. One of them covers the face of the young bride, the other – her back and shoulders. It is a veil that each girl will like and that will suit any dress.
  • Mysterious “mantilla”. This veil reminds a headscarf with a luxurious trimming. This model looks very elegant and stylish. Such model is to perfectly suit the modern wedding image.
  • Short lush veil. This is a short, layered veil. It is perfectly combined with short dresses and slightly complements the image, not shading the wedding dress.
  • Veil with decorations. Volumetric appliques, exclusive lace and flickering seed beads not only brighten the veil, but also match accessories on the dress. Such a splendid model will surely catch fancy of fashion girls.


Supernova Fashion Group designers created perfect veils for wedding dresses of our manufacture. On the product page, click the “add veil” button to purchase the dress in one set with the veil. You can also build the image yourself, because all the veils fit the dresses of our brand. Experiment with us!