Winter frosts have gone. Spring frosts of March have ended, May thunderstorms have died down... It's time to prepare for the hottest season.

And therewith – to think about where to get light wedding dresses for the summer.

This article is useful, first of all, for the owners of wedding boutiques and salons: we will tell about the latest fashion trends, which interesting for women in season 2018. Brides-to-be can also get acquainted with the features of the popular styles, fabrics, accessories, ornaments... In general, we hope that we will satisfy your interests and needs.


Uncovered shoulders

Designers of famous fashion houses do not cease to use this win-win solution. At the same time, the degree of openness varies from modest – like the wedding dress of Meghan Markle, now the Countess of Sussex, to extravagant ones, which have their openness on top continued by a deep V-neck, or V-back. But this trend is the next participant of our “top chart”. Light wedding dresses for the summer with open shoulders, richly decorated with lace embroidery or appliqués are an excellent choice for elegant brides.

Uncovered back and plunging neckline

This style is into the world’s fashionable ratings not only due to aesthetic appeal, but also... practicality. During a summer ceremony, a girl dressed in a closed dress, can quite easily overheat, which is fraught with deterioration of her condition, down to fainting. And by slightly opening some parts of the body, the designers received not only a seductive and attractive outfit, but also gave the skin an opportunity to breathe. Such models are in great demand: summer wedding dresses by Supernova are always in demand.

Festival of colors!

Snow-white wedding dress is the classic solution. But not every woman prefers this color. We are ready to offer a wide range of shades for them – both dull pastel, and saturated and vibrant.

Decorations are always in fashion

Both strict outfits, with no frills, and those decorated with lace, appliqués, belts, scattered Swarovski crystals have its lovers... In Supernova we offer both simple minimalistic models and richly decorated models for every taste and purse. Get acquainted with offers in the catalog and see for yourself!

New life of vintage

It's easy to take part in the wedding ceremony in the style of 50's, or even 30's and 40's of the last century with our dresses! Our designers not only follow the latest fashion trends, but also review successful styles of the past and harmoniously combine them in new collections.

The best models of wedding dresses available wholesale for a summer wedding are waiting for you on our website! You will surely find and buy what you were looking for with us!